“As a developer faced daily with choosing between zillions of tools, I appreciate the drop-in replacement simplicity of HTPE in Win95 and NT4. Not to mention the fact that it works well, and Hilgraeve has a long track record in the communications / data transfer business! –” R.R.

“To Hilgraeve: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for a great basic VT-100 emulator. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for recently adding TELNET support.”

“Show your splash banner anytime, and with a neat animation to boot!” R.R.

I say fellows this is quite the spiffy program.

I love hyperterminal! We make monitoring systems and we use hyperterminal for reading the data back and it works great.

I have been using HyperTerminal PE for several years (it works great!!).

“Thank you for this product.
Works great. Will it also work with Windows 11 or 12?”
Within 2 months of the release of Windows 10