• Communication

    Communicate with other computer systems, hardware, and pieces of equipment.
    Issue commands, capture data, transfer files, automate tasks, and more.

  • HyperTerminal

    Award winning terminal emulation for Windows

    • Connect using Serial, Modem, or TCP/IP Networks
    • Updated for compability with Windows 10, 8, 7, and more
    • Supports many terminal emulation and file transfer options
    • Actively supported & easy to use
  • Secure

    Securely and reliably communicate with your devices online using Secure Shell, or offline using direct cabled Serial connection or direct modem to modem.

  • Versatile

    Terminal emulation programs with the versatility to communicate with a wide variety of systems and devices.

  • HyperACCESS

    Save Time with Scripting Automation & Customization

    • Advanced terminal emulation
    • Many file transfer options
    • Automate tasks with our powerful scripting API
    • Record simple scripts with the HyperACCESS Script Recorder
    • Customizable interface

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