• Versatile

    Terminal emulation programs with the versatility to communicate with a wide variety of systems and devices.

  • Secure

    Securely and reliably communicate with your devices online using Secure Shell, or offline using direct cabled Serial connection or direct modem to modem.

  • HyperACCESS

    Save Time with Scripting Automation & Customization

    • Advanced terminal emulation
    • Many file transfer options
    • Automate tasks with our powerful scripting API
    • Record simple scripts with the HyperACCESS Script Recorder
    • Customizable interface
  • HyperTerminal

    Award winning terminal emulation for Windows

    • Connect using Serial, Modem, or TCP/IP Networks
    • Updated for compability with Windows 10, 8, 7, and more
    • Supports many terminal emulation and file transfer options
    • Actively supported & easy to use
  • Communication

    Communicate with other computer systems, hardware, and pieces of equipment.
    Issue commands, capture data, transfer files, automate tasks, and more.



Due to rising overhead costs we will be increasing the prices on our HyperTerminal and HyperACCESS products by $5 effective January 4, 2022. All quotes issued before the price change will continue to be honored for 60 days. Please contact us for volume or enterprise licensing information.
Thank you for understanding and your continued support of our products.

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