Mapping Escape Sequences in HyperACCESS

In some terminal software programs, such as Procomm, ^[ is used to represent an Escape (also described as CTRL [ ). When mapping an escape sequence in HyperACCESS, you must use the Esc key in place of ^[. Example: ^[2P is the same as <ESC>2P


1.) On the HyperACCESS Terminal window, click on the Automation drop down menu and select Keys to access your key mappings.

2.) Click on the New button to create a new key map, or Modify to alter an existing.

3.) With the cursor in the Key field, hit the key you wish to map the Escape sequence to. Note: You must first hit the Insert key before entering special keys, such as F1, Enter, etc…

4.) Then with the cursor in the macro field, again you must first hit Insert. Then to begin the key map hit the Esc key on your keyboard. After you see <ESC> appear in the Macro field, press any additional desired keys. In the example above, you would see <ESC>2P in the Macro field.