Do you use HyperTerminal, and have any routine tasks that you would like to be able to automate? Did you know that almost any tasks you can do with HyperTerminal can be automated with HyperACCESS?

Whether used for Medical billing, industrial systems, lab equipment, networking or communications devices, servers and many more uses HyperACCESS can be used to automate your connection.

HyperACCESS features a powerful scripting API that can be used to automate almost any task from most scripting or programming languages. For some examples of what can be automated check our our sample scripts page

HyperACCESS also includes a customizable interface including custom buttons and hotkeys that can be bound to user defined key macros, scripts, or basic program functions.

Even for someone with little or no programming experience, HyperACCESS includes a script recorder that can be used to record most common tasks such as connecting and logging in to a system, downloading or uploading files, sending commands, and more!

If you need a custom script developed for you, we do also offer professional scripting services

If you would like to try the software, please download our free trial.