You must have administrative privileges error

“You must have administrative privileges on this system in order to install HyperTerminal Private Edition. Contact your system administrator for assistance.”

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser (default for Windows 10) please click Save, then click Open Folder rather than Run when running the install program.

If you are still experiencing this error message or are not using Edge:
The HyperTerminal installation program performs a check to see if your account has administrative privileges before installing, however a recent update is causing this check to fail more often for non-administrative accounts that should still have administrative privileges.

If you receive this error message on a computer where you should have administrative privileges please attempt the following.

First, right click on the HyperTerminal installer, and select Run as Administrator.

If you still receive the error message download this alternate version and install it. This version removes the administrator check entirely, so if your account does not have the needed privileges the install might still fail, but if it is only failing because of the check it should install as normally.

Which program do I need?

The majority of our clients use the HyperTerminal software. If you are familiar with the original version of HyperTerminal that was licensed by Microsoft to include with Windows, the current version of HyperTerminal Private Edition has all these features and more.

If you need the most commonly used terminal emulators, communication options, or file transfer protocols you can use either HyperTerminal or HyperACCESS.

If you need a customizable program with advanced features like scripting or automation or if you use less common terminal emulators you will need HyperACCESS.
For specific features please expand the lists below.

Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows 95
Server 2003
Server 2008
Server 2012
Server 2016


File Transfer
File TransferHyperTerminalHyperACCESS
Compuserv B+

Key Macros
Custom buttons

ADDS Viewpoint
IBM 3101
IBM 3278
Wyse 50
Wyse 60
Supported Not Supported Supported in legacy version

How many copies do I need to purchase?

The licensing is on a per-pc basis, so you will need one license for each computer that the software is installed on. Volume discounts are available for those ordering 10 or more copies.

Why, after making a purchase of HyperTerminal PE during the trial period, doesn’t it ask for my serial number?

Even though you may have already purchased, just click the “yes” to purchase and a screen should pop up asking for the serial number. If by clicking “yes” it takes you to the order screen again just close out of that and the next screen you see will ask for the serial number.

Why didn’t I get my confirmation email for the order I just placed?

This confirmation is sent out seconds after placing an order on our online store. A copy of your order is also sent to us. If you don’t get yours there could be several reasons so please check the following:

  1. Your email address could be typed incorrectly.
  2. The confirmation email may have been blocked or landed in your spam or junk mail folder.

If your order is still not coming through, please give us a call and we can resend the order, 734-243-0576.

Why does it say my serial number is “not valid”?

If you have copied and pasted the number it can leave a space at the end and this will render the number “invalid”. Either type the serial number in, or press the backspace key after pasting.

Why doesn’t my download link work?

The online store’s download link will expire in 96 hours after the purchase. If this happens just give us a call and anyone here can email a fresh link to you, 734-243-0576.

How can I upgrade my current copy of HyperACCESS or HyperTerminal Private Edition?

This service is not offered on the online store. You must call our sales department to update your old version to the current version. The serial number you are using is required to upgrade. Please call 734-243-0576 x1. or 800-826-2760.
The upgrade cost is $85.99 for HyperACCESS and volume discounts are available. The upgrade price for HyperTerminal Private Edition is $20.00.
We do not offer upgrade pricing for HyperTerminal for versions prior to 6.4.

I am using HyperTerminal PE to connect to a dial up system, and it is asking for a host address.

This usually means that your computer does not have a dial-up modem present. If you are sure that you do have a modem you probably need to either restart the computer, or re-install the modem drivers. In the case of a USB modem please ensure that it is still plugged in.

Can I use HyperTerminal PE or HyperACCESS over broadband internet?

Both programs can be used with a broadband connection. Telnet and SSH connections can be used over broadband, however, some systems require a different type of connection.