HyperACCESS v8.4 (legacy)

HyperACCESS v8.4 (legacy)

The previous version of HyperACCESS , version 8.4, is available for purchase for those who need it.
Version 8.4 is compatible with Windows 95 up through Windows XP. For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, or server versions use HyperACCESS 9.1

Price: $169.99

Quantity / Licenses:

Note: This is an old version of HyperACCESS. Unless you need the old version for specific reasons, we recommend you use the latest version.

HyperACCESS is the official FULL-POWERED version of HyperTerminal Private Edition. It is the product from which HyperTerminal Private Edition is derived. If you need a more powerful HyperTerminal alternative, HyperACCESS is the program for you. This program offers a wide array of additional capabilities, with a similar look and feel. HyperACCESS gives you these and many other advantages:

  • Many additional terminal emulators and file transfer protocols. For a complete list, please visit our Technical Specifications page.
  • Record and play back logons and repetitive steps with VBS (Visual Basic Script)
  • Redefine keys and add your own buttons to the toolbar with text or bitmap labels
  • Automate communications with Visual Basic, VBA, C++, or other languages
  • Scripting services are also available if you would like to have a script written for you
System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP