Script to Close HyperACCESS/HyperACCESS Host

How can I close the application after HyperACCESS disconnects from a site?


We recommend that you add the following lines to your recorded script. These lines will disconnect the session, wait for the “disconnected” status report from Microsoft TAPI, then close HyperACCESS.

The WaitForConnection waits for a ‘disconnected’ (2)
status report from the operating system. 6000 is the number of milliseconds to wait before determining that the API function has failed (no ‘disconnected’ status has been reported)
. This function is more often needed for modem connections, to allow time for the modem to hang up before the script closes the program.

Because the application is closed and the script object is released by the closure, haTerminate can be removed from the script.

haWaitForConnection 2, 6000
haMenuString “FX”

‘ haTerminate

The following example can be used to close the HyperACCESS Host after the Host has received one call. The script should be assigned as ‘Script to run after disconnecting’ under Properties, File Usage for the specific host.

$LANG = “VBScript”
‘ VBS script learned for “My Host.HAW” on 12/30/99 at 17:40:45.

cr = Chr(13)


haMenuString “FX”