No response from host in HyperACCESS telnet session


If you have created a HyperACCESS session to establish a connection to a remote telnet host, but are only getting a blinking cursor in the terminal window, the host your connecting to may require a few additional steps to login. Many hosts require you hit the enter key to provoke the telnet connection and force the host to display the login prompts. If hitting Enter does not invoke any change in behavior, you may likely be connecting to a system that also requires a line feed be sent after each line end. To have HyperACCESS send a line feed with each line end use the following procedures.


1.) Click on the Properties dropdown menu and select ASCII sending.

2.) In the ASCII sending properties enable the first checkbox Send line feed with each line and click on the OK button.

3.) The next time you hit enter HyperACCESS will send a line feed with each line end.