No response from modem error message in HyperACCESS

If you are attempting to establish a modem connection using ther HyperACCESS product, but are receiving the error message “No response from modem”, this indicates that either the modem is turned off, is malfunctioning, or that the modem is not set up properly in Windows.


1.) Go to the Control Panel and choose the Modems icon. There is a diagnostics tab where you can select your modem and press the More Info button. If the modem is working at the selected port, you will get several modem responses listed. If the modem fails to respond, make sure it is properly connected. If it is an internal modem, verify that the interrupt for the port is properly set and not in conflict with other devices..

2.) Under the general tab of Modems Properties, select the modem and press the Properties button. Go to the Connection tab and choose the Advanced button. Set the checkbox “Record a log file.” This will cause all commands sent to and returned by the modem to be recorded in the file “c:\windows\modemlog.txt.” This text file can provide valuable information about how the modem is interacting with the operating system.

Note: In NT, the modem log file is in the following location: “c:\winnt\modemlog_<modemname>.txt”