No Answer – Immediate Disconnect

HyperACCESS uses the Microsoft Windows Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) for accessing modem communication devices in order achieve Windows compliancy. HyperACCESS is thus dependent upon your modem, the TAPI device, to be properly installed and configured. In some cases, a modem may not configured in a manner that supports reliable communications.

Problem Description 1:
When attempting to establish a modem to modem connection, the modem dials, the answering system answers the call, the modems churn while negotiating a connection. Just as the modems appear to establish a connection, a disconnect occurs. HyperACCESS reports back No Answer.

Problem Description 2:
When attempting to establish a modem to modem connection, the modem status display in HyperACCESS reports Connect followed by an immediate Disconnect status. The Disconnect is reported before any dialing occurs.

Resolution 1:
1.) In the HyperACCESS Phonebook, right-click on your entry and select Properties.

2.) In Properties click on the Communications tab and first make sure the Will dial as: field is listing the proper phone number including the country code and area code.

3.) Then click on the Communication Settings button. When the dialog appears, click on the Connection tab. Verify the setting Cancel the call if not connected within: is checked and is set to 60 seconds. In some cases the default modem TAPI configuration has this setting set to 0 seconds.

Resolution 2:
Update the TAPI driver for your modem. The TAPI driver is responsible for the initialization string that Windows passes to the modem. An improper initialization string can cause a false No dialtone report, an immediate disconnect, and/or no error correction enabled at connection time.

Modem manufacturers routinely update their modem drivers. Typically they provide them as .inf files available for downloading from their websites. Go online to your modem manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for the make and model of your modem.