You must have administrative privileges error

“You must have administrative privileges on this system in order to install HyperTerminal Private Edition. Contact your system administrator for assistance.”

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser (default for Windows 10) please click Save, then click Open Folder rather than Run when running the install program.

If you are still experiencing this error message or are not using Edge:
The HyperTerminal installation program performs a check to see if your account has administrative privileges before installing, however a recent update is causing this check to fail more often for non-administrative accounts that should still have administrative privileges.

If you receive this error message on a computer where you should have administrative privileges please attempt the following.

First, right click on the HyperTerminal installer, and select Run as Administrator.

If you still receive the error message download this alternate version and install it. This version removes the administrator check entirely, so if your account does not have the needed privileges the install might still fail, but if it is only failing because of the check it should install as normally.