Modem unexpectedly Disconnects

Modem Unexpectedly Disconnects – HTPE

Q – I use HyperTerminal Private Edition to access my account at my credit union. When it connects I get as far as entering my account # in then a NO CARRIER message appears. My modem disconnects. Why does this happen and what can I do to prevent the disconnect?

A – This behavior is symptomatic of a modem that has not been properly initialized to handle error correction. Modems are initialized by an .inf file provided by the modem manufacturer. These files are installed and accessed by Windows TAPI, Telephony Application Programming Interface. Commands are sent to the modem by the operating system when you click Dial. When the modem establishes a connection with another modem, it should negotiate a connection the highest supported baud rate between the two, enable compression, and establish and error-free connection. If noise on the phone line is not properly filtered out, any spurious character can cause an immediate disconnect. This lack of error control is responsible for unexpected disconnects.

To correct the problem you need an updated .inf file to install in Windows. Contact your modem manufacturer and request the latest .inf file, or modem driver, for your modem. Most modem manufacturers provide these files as free downloads from their websites. They usually include instructions for installing and updating your system with the new driver.