Maximizing the HyperACCESS terminal screen size


The HyperACCESS Terminal screen is designed to automatically adjust the terminal font size to the size of the terminal screen. The terminal will only increase the font size to the largest font without causing for the contents of the terminal screen to scroll off the screen. Removing items from the terminal screen such as toolbars, will increase the amount of the windows that can be taken uop by the terminal screen. Aldso, certian font types are wider than they are tall, or vice versa, preventing certian areas of the window from being used by the terminal screen. Therefore, changing the font type can increase your terminal screen size also.


1.) Maximize the HyperACCESS window by clicking on the maximize button in the top left corner of the HyperACCESS window.

2.) Click on the View drop down menu and disable the Status bar, Tabs, Message Bar, Backscroll, Scrollbars and Toolbars by unchecking them.

3.) Then click on the Properties drop down menu and select Terminal Emulator and set the number of rows to 30, and click on the OK button.

4.) Uncheck “Automatically adjust font size to terminal window size” by clicking Fonts under the View drop down menu. Click on the OK button to save the settings.

5.) If you are using 1024 x 768, choose Courier New as the font type and 16 for the point size. If you are using 800 x 600, choose Courier New with 12 as the point size. You may need to adjust these slightly to accomodate your specific system. Other font types and sizes may suite your screen resoultion better.

Note: HyperACCESS has HAPI functions to set screen size and font details. Please see the HyperACCESS API manual for details on these new functions.