Licensing of HyperACCESS

HyperACCESS requires a license for each PC on which it is installed. You may use a single licensed copy of HyperACCESS on only one computer at a time. The software is “in use” when it is loaded into RAM or installed on local permanent storage (e.g. hard disk, CD-ROM, etc.).

Simultaneous use of a single licensed copy on two or more computers is a violation of the licensing agreement. For example, you cannot have HyperACCESS installed on a desktop machine and install the same licensed copy with the same serial number on a laptop for the purpose of establishing a connection between the two. Each installation must have its own unique serial number.

If you have multiple Licenses, you may have as many copies of HyperACCESS in use as you have number of licenses. If HyperACCESS is incorporated in a custom application, such as a VBA program, and the custom application is distributed to others, a license must be purchased for every site where the custom application is implemented.