Launching mutiple instances of the same HyperACCESS session

Q – I want to run multiple telnet sessions to the same host. How can this be done in HyperACCESS?

A – First, open the HyperACCESS phonebook and click the Options button on the phonebook toolbar. Select Startup from the dropdown menu. Check the options to “Open last used notebook entry on startup” and “When I try to open a notebook entry that is already open, create another window.”

Note: If your Startup options do not include the “…create another window” option, you need to upgrade to the latest version.

Second, double-click the phonebook entry you wish to connect. When the terminal opens and the session is connected, either minimize or resize the window according to the requirements of your task.

Finally, You will need to run multiple instances of HyperACCESS to be able to establish multiple connections to the same host. That is, you will need to start HyperACCESS for each session that you want to connect. If you want 3 connections to the host, launch HyperACCESS 3 times. Each child HyperACCESS session will have ‘(Temporary Copy)’ as part of the title bar.

Be sure that you disconnect each session before closing each instance of the program.
Otherwise you will receive a ‘Still connected – do you want to disconnect?’ pop-up message.