Launching HyperACCESS Host and Terminal on startup


The HyperACCESS Host and/or Terminal can be configured to launch when the Windows Operating System boots, at startup, by simply placing a shortcut to the appropriate session file (.HAW) in the Windows Startup folder.

Placing a host session in the startup folder will cause HyperACCESS to begin waiting for calls immediately upon startup. Placing a shortcut to a terminal session in the Windows Startup folder will cause for HyperACCESS to place an outbound connection to the host location specified in the session file.


1.) Click on the Windows Start button and select Programs – HyperACCESS.

2.) In the HyperACCESS select either HyperACCESS or HyperACCESS Host. When either appear, hold down the Ctrl key and use your left mouse button to click and drag the correct Host or Terminal entry into the Windows Startup folder.

Now, when you start Windows, the program should launch at startup.

Note: If you experience any problems with this method, then you can manually create a shortcut of your Host entry in your Startup Folder. For the Modem Host, type the following in the Target field under the Properties for the Shortcut:

“C:\Program Files\HAWin32\hahost32.exe” modem”1.hhw

This assumes that you installed it to the default installation directory. Modify it according to your specific system. If you wish to use a different host, then modify the path above to reflect the correct host .hhw file.