Key Macros Example – ^[2P

HTPE Key Macros Example – ^[2P

Q – I need to map the sequence of ^[2P to the F6 key. I’m not sure what ^[ stands for?

A – Use the View menu, Key Macros item in the HyperTerminal Private Edition terminal toolbar. In the Create Macro dialog, you select the key to use (hit the F6 key)
, click the Macro button, and enter your desired sequence.

The ^[ combination (sometimes also described as Ctrl+[ )
is used to represent an Escape. In HTPE, you use the <Esc> key for this control character. To enter it, hit the Insert key (as indicated when entering special keys such as Enter, Escape, etc.)
immediately followed by the Escape key. You should see <ESC> in the macro field. (If it doesn’t appear as <ESC>, hit the backspace key to erase the wrong character. Then try hitting Insert+Escape in quick succession.)
After <ESC> appears in the field, type the additional characters. You should see <ESC>2P in the Macro field.