Why HyperACCESS has two toolbars in the terminal window.


Why does the Terminal panel now have TWO toolbars in the Terminal window of the latest version of HyperACCESS?


The Standard Terminal toolbar is shared by all of your notebook entries. This toolbar contains the buttons New, Open, Save, Print, Print Preview, Spelling, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Help. If you want to add a button that will be available to ALL your entries, you should add it to this toolbar. If you turn it off with one specific entry loaded, it will not be visible for any other entry as well.

The other Terminal toolbar is entry-specific and bears the name of that entry. It appears only when that entry is loaded. While this toolbar starts out looking the same for every entry, any change made to it will appear in that entry only. The on/off state of this toolbar is entry-specific.

This new arrangement is more convenient than the single toolbar in v. 8.0 and will allow you to customize your entries in a more efficient manner.