HyperACCESS Telnet session “Connection to host failed”


I am getting a “Connection to host failed” message when I use HyperACCESS to connect to our database server over our LAN. I’m sure I have the correct IP address and port number. What does this mean?


You may have network problems or improper TCP/IP configuration settings. To test your TCP/IP connection, use the standard telnet client provided in Windows and telnet to the host. If telnet fails with the same message, contact your network administrator for assistance.

1.) Go to Start, Run.
2.) Type the following command in the Open textbox then click OK:

telnet <hostname or IP address>

3.) If your settings and network are ok, you should get your expected login prompt. If not, contact your network administrator.

Note – Another failed connection report you may receive is “Could not open a connection to <hostname or IP address>”.