HyperACCESS remote host callback


If you have a remote system that will issue a call back after you have logged in, you will need to configure HyperACCESS to handle this.

1.) Right mouse click on the remote host icon in the HyperACCESS Phonebook and select Properties.

2.) In the entry Properties, click on the Communications tab.

3.) On the Communications properties sheet, click on the Dialing Details button.

4.) Check the box for accepting call back from remote system and click on the OK button to save the changes.

When you call that system, HyperACCESS will prepare the modem to answer after you have completed your login procedure and the remote system hangs up. You should see “Waiting for calls” on the status line shortly after the host first hangs up, while HyperACCESS is waiting for the Host to callback.