How can I set up a key to send my password (or other data) to the host system?

How can I set up a key to send my password (or any other data)
to the host system I am calling?

You can assign your password in HTPE to a key by creating a key macro. Open the entry you created for the host. Click View in the menu bar. Select the Key Macros option from the menu. When the Existing keys dialog displays, click the New button. This will display a dialog with two fields – Key and Action. In the Key field, press the key you want to use (e.g., F5)
. Click in the Action field. Enter the password that you want this key to send to the host (e.g., bowser)
. If you want to include the Enter key as part of your password, press the Insert key then the Enter key. Click OK to save. You will be back on the Existing keys dialog. It will show your selected key and the macro you assigned to it. Click OK to exit the dialog. You can also use key macros to remap function keys to escape sequences, such as <esc[4>. Just make sure you hit the Insert key before keys such as Escape, Tab.