haTypeKey API to send emulator function keys above F10

The haTypeKey API can be used in a script to send function keys above F10 to the host application. To do so, simply note the keys used on the emulator charts found in Appendix D of the HyperACCESS User’s Manual. haTypeKey will only work with actual keys found on the PC keyboard.

For example, with VT320 as the selected emulator, the Appendix chart tells you to use the key sequence “Ctrl+F10” to send an F20. So to have the haTypeKey command send an F20, simply execute the following:

haTypeKey “CTRL-F10”

With Wyse50 as the selected emulator, use this command to send an F11 in a script:

haTypeKey “ALT-F1”

For a complete list of all supported emulator function keys and their corresponding HyperACCESS key combinations, see Appendix D in the HyperACCESS User’s manual. The manual is available in .pdf format from: