Grouping HyperTerminal Connections (.ht) in the Start Menu

Grouping the HyperTerminal Connections (.ht files)
in the Start menu

Q – All my HyperTerminal connections are not listed in the Start menu after I overinstalled HyperTerminal Private Edition. How can I group them together again?

A The entries need to be stored in the HyperTerminal Connections folder in
order for them to appear in the Start menu list. Locate your existing connection files (.ht files)
in the previous program location or in the HTPE program folder. Or you can also use the Find Files or Folders utility in your Start menu to search for *.ht. Copy the .ht files to the HyperTerminal Connections folder located at:
C:\WINDOWS\StartMenu\Programs\HyperTerminal Private Edition\HyperTerminal Connections
They should now appear in the Start Menu.