Garbage in HyperACCESS Terminal Window


When I connect with my modem and HyperACCESS to my bank, I see illegible characters in the terminal window when I should receive a login request. What is wrong?


Your modem may not be initialized with error correction enabled. If error correction is not enabled, the modem cannot filter out spurious characters. It displays them in your terminal. To remedy this, you should contact the modem manufacturer to obtain the latest driver or .inf file for your modem.

To verify the state of error control, review your modem log. This file is created when the Windows TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface)
sends the initialization commands to your modem and instructs it to dial. You will find this file by going into Control Panel, Modems, Properties of your modem, Options, Advanced. You will see a View log button on this dialog.

Click the View log button to open a modem log.txt file. Scroll to the end of this file to locate information on the latest connection attempt. You should see several lines of text indicating command lines sent to the modem and the modem’s response. When you find a “Connection established at XXXXX baud rate” line, you should see a following line that indicates the state of error control. If you see “Error control off or unknown,” you have confirmation that the modem could not establish an error-free connection. Update your modem driver to resolve this problem.