Full Screen Terminal Window

Q – How can I configure the terminal in HTPE to be full screen?

A – Open your connection. Stretch the terminal window to the size that you want. Then click the View menu and select Fonts. Adjust the font size until the white area (active terminal)
fits within the boundaries of the window frame. You should be able to find a font that displays properly on your screen. Be aware, certain font styles are available only in selected sizes. You may end up with a horizontal scroll bar, indicating that not all text would be viewable in the terminal screen. Make your adjustments accordingly.

HyperACCESS, the full featured upgrade, includes a convenient feature that allows you automatically adjust fonts to the size of your terminal window. When you resize the terminal window, the proper font size will automatically be displayed so that all the information is correctly displayed on the terminal screen. You can also hide the toobar (upper frame)
and status bar (lower frame)
to further enhance the terminal size.

To download a trial copy of HyperACCESS, go to: HyperACCESS Trial