Exporting Procomm Plus session files

You must first create a Procomm export file in order to convert your existing Procomm session files into HyperACCESS Phonebook entries. The Conversion Program will convert Procomm Plus for Windows 3.x, Procomm Plus for DOS v1.x, Procomm Plus for DOS v2.x, and Procomm for DOS shareware export files.


1.) Launch the Procomm product and select Compile/Edit from the Scripts menu.

2.) Choose the HyperACCESS data directory. (By default this is “C:\Program Files\HAWin32\My Files”, but you may have specified a different path during installation.)

3.) Open PCW?EXP.WAS where ? is 1, 2, or 3 corresponding to the version of Procomm you are running.

Note: PCW3EXP.WAS is for Procomm Plus for Windows.

4.) Click the Compile and run button.

5.) The program will prompt you for a dialing directory to convert. Select the Procomm .DIR file for the dialing directory you want to convert. The PCW?EXP.WAS program creates a file named TOHAW32.EXP in the current directory.

6.) Now follow the instruction in the article: “Converting other product session files into HyperACCESS entires”