Direct Cable Connection Setup

FAQ – Configuring a Direct Cabled Connection


I am using HyperACCESS to connect to an old DEC Alpha (Unix) with a null modem cable. I would like to know the process I need to follow to configure my connection, and possibly some troubleshooting guidelines.


These are the basics for setting up a direct cabled connection. The
information for the following should be available from the device

1.) The baud rate, communications settings (data bits, parity, stop bits), and flow control must match the device you are connecting to.

2.) You must use the appropriate terminal emulation in order to see data displayed correctly.

3.) If you seem to be connecting but no data displays, or you enter the appropriate logon or command to start the device and nothing happens, try changing the flow control option. Sometimes setting flow control to ‘None’ gets data exchanged between your HyperACCESS session and the device.

4.) You may need to check the port. Attach an external modem to the port, click your connection icon, then start typing AT commands to the modem. If the modem responds with OK to your commands, then the port is OK. You need to revisit the manufacturer’s instructions for making a connection to your device.