Custom modem initialization strings in HyperACCESS


I need to create a session that uses a modified modem initialization string. However, I don’t want it to apply to all my sessions. How can I do this in the new HyperACCESS?

TAPI (Telephony Applications Programming Interface) does not provide a mechanism for session-specific modifications to modem initialization strings. However, there is an end-user workaround. You can create another modem definition in TAPI (Control Panel/Modems/Add), insert to custom initialization string, and then choose that modem in the HyperACCESS notebook entry.


1.) Open the Windows Control Panel folder and double click on Modems.

2.) Click on the Add button to create a new modem. You may need to reference your Windows Users Manual for assistance on installing a new modem.

3.) Once you’ve created a duplicate of your existing modem, highlight it and click on the Properties button.

4.) Click on the Connection tab and then the Advanced button.

5.) In the Extra Setting field you can enter in the custom modem initialization string and click OK and OK again.

6.) Launch HyperACCESS and in the Phonebook, right mouse click on the entry that requires the custom setup and select Properties.

7.) Click on the Communications tab and then under Connect via click on the Change button.

8.) Select the new custom modem and click on the OK and OK again.