Configuring HyperACCESS to answer calls without using the Host

The following code can be used to set up a HyperACCESS .haw file as a simple host which requires no login:

$LANG = “VBScript”
‘ VBS script which will put the terminal in answer mode.
cr = Chr(13)

haConnectSession 4

Follow these steps to implement the code:

1. Create a session file specifically for this process (e.g., Simple Answer.haw)
. Make sure the Properties, Communications page has appropriate Connect Via information recorded.

2. If you need only a one-time connection waiting for calls, assign the above script as Script to run before connecting under Properties, File Usage. When you double-click the phonebook icon, the session begins in a waiting for calls state.

3. If you want the session to return to a waiting state after the connecting device disconnects, follow these steps:

a) Open the session file. In Properties, File Usage, assign the Simple Answer script as the Script to run after disconnecting.

b) To start waiting, go to Automation, Run. Select the Simple Answer script. It should start the HyperACCESS session in a waiting for calls mode.

c) After the connecting device completes sending data and disconnects, the HyperACCESS session should go back into waiting for calls.

d) When you want to stop waiting and end the session, don’t click the disconnect icon. Instead, close the program.