Automation in HTPE

Limited Automation with HTPE

Q – Does HyperTerminal Private Edition have any automation capability?

A – HyperTerminal Private Edition supports only 1 automation feature – key macros. You can map sequences, such as your login ID and password, to specific function keys. HTPE can then expedite your login by typing your ID and password when you press the assigned keys.

The Key Macro item is found on the View menu. Please refer to <KeyMacro FAQ Link> to learn how to set up a key macro.

If you want full automation and scripting support, try our HyperACCESS. HyperACCESS, the commercial upgrade product for HyperTerminal Private Edition, does include a full API of communication functions that would allow you to script an entire communication session. You can use either the automated script recorder or create custom scripts with our powerful API which is Active X and OLE compliant. You can then use our API functions within external programs, such as VB.

A 15-day trial copy of HyperACCESS can be downloaded from: HyperACCESS Trial