Automatically Starting HyperTerminal Private Edition

Q – I want to start HyperTerminal Private Edition from an application I have written and automatically launch a connection. What syntax do I need to use?

A – The process you describe requires scripting with an Application Programming Interface (API)
specific to the software application. Neither HyperTerminal nor HyperTerminal Private Edition support scripting. However, HyperACCESS, the commercial upgrade product from HyperTerminal and HyperTerminal Private Edition, does include a full API of communication functions that would allow you to script an entire communication session. You can use either the automated script recorder or create custom scripts with our powerful API which is Active X and OLE compliant. You can then use our API functions within external programs, such as VB.

You can preview the latest version of HyperACCESS by downloading a 15-day trial copy from /hyperaccess-trial/ It is fully functional and the settings are saved. The file is H32TRIAL.EXE. Double-click the file to run the installation program.

You can also download the User’s and API manuals from our manuals page. These reference manuals contain information that can be helpful during the evaluation period.