Automatically importing shared phonebook entries

Each entry in the HyperACCESS phonebook represents a specific session file with a .HAW file extension, configured specifically for contacting a particular host. This file stores pertinent information, such as the phone number, emulation type, etc.,
necessary to communicate with that host location. If a user creates a new entry in their phonebook, the icon will automatically appear in that user’s phonebook. However, in the event that you install HyperACCESS on a network server, and wish to share the same phonebook entries amongst several users, each time a user creates a new entry, the icon will NOT automatically appear in other users phonebooks. The icon will only appear in the phonebook of the user who created the entry.

In order for the entries to appear in other users’ phonebooks, each user would need to either manually Import the entries into their phonebook as instructed below in the Manual Import Procedure or automate the import process by following the Automatic Import Procedure.

Manual Import Procedure
1.) Inside the HyperACCESS Phonebook, click on the File drop-down menu and select Import.
2.) On the Import page simply point to the folder location in which the HAW files reside.

Note: Multiple session files can be imported at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each session file you wish to import.

3.) Once all session files are chosen click on the OK button and the entries will appear in the phonebook.

Automatic Import Procedure
Importing of entries can be automated with the use of Visual Basic Scripting and the HyperACCESS API Scripting language. Below is the contents of the simple script needed to automate this procedure.

‘ Beginning of script

haImportEntries “c:\program files\hawin32\my files\*.*”

‘ End of script

The script can be run either at the time HyperACCESS is launched or by associating the script with a script event under the File Usage Properties for the entry.