ADDS Viewpoint Emulation Software

The ADDS Viewpoint is a terminal that was produced by Applied Digital Data Systems starting in 1981.

Our HyperACCESS software includes support for Viewpoint terminal emulation, which allows the software to be used to connect your computer to devices and systems that would normally require a one of these terminals.

The terminal emulator translates escape sequences from the system you are connecting to and uses them to control the terminal screen. Additionally the emulator maps the keyboard to send ADDS escape sequences when certain keys are pressed.

The default arrow and function key mappings for the ADDS Viewpoint are listed below. If needed these can be overridden using the Key Macro functionality.

Key Sequence
up <sub>
down <lf>
right <ack>
left <si>
F1 <stx>1<cr>
F2 <stx>2<cr>
F3 <stx>3<cr>
F4 <stx>4<cr>
F5 <stx>5<cr>
F6 <stx>6<cr>
F7 <stx>7<cr>
F8 <stx>8<cr>