How to create a serial com port connection

  1. To set up a serial terminal connection in HyperTerminal, First enter a name for your connection, click OK.
  2. Select your COM port under “connect using”.
  3. Click Configure and change the port settings to match the settings required by the device you are connecting to. Click OK
  4. Click OK again, and the program will attempt to connect.
  • Unable to open COM port COM1 COM2 COM3 The unable to open serial port message usually occurs when the com port is in use by another program. Find out which program is using the port and disconnect it. Alternatively you can use a different COM port if you have one available. Less often this issue can be caused by a permissions issue. In this case try running the program as an administrator.
  • Nothing on the screen Try hitting enter a few times, or rebooting the device you are connecting to. Ensure that the cables are properly connected, or try reseating them. Ensure that you are using the type of cable required (regular or null modem depending what you are connecting to). Ensure that the serial port configuration matches the settings required by the device.
  • Garbage on the screen Ensure that the port settings match the settings required by the device.
  • Unable to type Some devices will not echo back typed characters. Try entering a command that should cause the device to do something you can see. Ensure that Scroll lock is not active. The SCROLL box along the bottom of the screen should be grayed out. See also “Nothing on the screen” above.
  • Data appears in the wrong part of the screen Ensure that you are using the correct terminal emulator for the system you are connecting to. This can be changed by clicking File->Properties->Settings, and changing the emulation option.

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