How to create a modem connection in HyperTerminal

  1. If this is your first connection select your country and enter your area code.
  2. Enter a name for your connection, click OK.
  3. Select your modem under connect using.
  4. Enter the area code and phone number of the system you are connecting to, click OK.
  5. If you need to set up a specific configuration click modify followed by configure for connection configuration or settings for emulator settings.
  6. Click dial to connect
  7. Click File->Save once you are satisfied with the connection.
  • No answer Click dialing properties, and look at the phone number under “phone number will be dialed as”. This should contain the phone number as you would dial it. If the number is correct click Modify->Configure and try changing the data connection preferences. Lower port speeds and disabling the other settings sometimes help the connection.
  • No dial tone Ensure that the modem is plugged in to an active phone line.
  • Data appears in the wrong part of the screen Ensure that you are using the correct terminal emulator for the system you are connecting to. This can be changed by clicking File->Properties->Settings, and changing the emulation option.
  • Program is asking for Host Address instead of phone number This usually means that your computer does not have a dial-up modem or that the computer isn’t recognizing the modem. If you are sure that you do have a modem you probably need to either restart the computer, or re-install the modem drivers. In the case of a USB modem please ensure that it is still plugged in. If you do not have a modem you will need to get one.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does a modem do? A modem allows you to connect your computer to a remote computer system or other device through traditional phone line.
  • How does a modem work? Modem is short for Modulator Demodulator. They modulate digital data for transmission as an analog signal, and demodulate a received signal to convert it back into data.
  • How do I change modem settings? The most commonly used modem settings can be changed by clicking File->Properties->Configure. The port speed compression and other options can be changed under the general tab, data bits, parity, and stop bits as well as modulation options can be changed under the advanced tab.

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