“I’m still using HyperAccess for Windows 95 and NT version 8.2 dated 1998 and using on Windows7 Pro 64bit. Over the years upgraded Windows and motherboards and faster CPUs, 16bit, 32bit, and now 64bit OS. It’s icons are a little rough around the edges but still in use nearly 20 years later.
I’ll give a 5 star rating for my version. Better yet, give it a 10!”

“I downloaded and installed your beta 4 and anticipated the same kind of problems seen with other MS Telnet apps (had been using the shareware NetTerm). Instead I was given a clear and easy setup, the software called my DUN provider and made the connection, and …..uh! I was online to what I had selected within seconds. I mean fast…way too fast…this is not normal!”

“Everything (!!!!!!) worked exactly as I would want it to work!”

“This is NOT acceptable. You must surely have to have some of the same delays and glitches that Microsoft supplies, or at least kinks in the software. All those options I see surely must not be for real! Where are the problems?!!!!!”

“How DARE you offer such a bug-free and easy-to-use product without at least some glitches/bugs/limits somewhere?That is just not the way things work anymore…or is it?<<>>”

“Seriously, thank you for another great product! You have once again set a Win95 standard we can use to compare all other ‘similar but not quite there yet’ software.”

“A most excellent product! If the above doesn’t make this clear, I am very, very impressed.”

“Great product – I’ve tried them all”


“I have been a user of Qmodem Pro and have just switched to HyperACCESS and it is fantastic! The program performs flawlessly and I especially like the Host mode since I am on the road a lot and need to access my PC from various locations using many different comm packages. A really great product.”

“I’ve been using HA for years and I consider it Best of Breed in every version. Thanks for years of quality,technologically advanced products!”

” I used your test drive version-two sessions were enough to convince me it was the Best com program I’ve ever used. Rock solid, slick interface.”

“Great Product-Poweful-Easy to Use & Not a Resource Hog.”

“Excellent software – works seamlessly AND is user friendly”

“All versions of HyperACCESS are excellent performers.I’ve used Hilgraeve products for the past four years with outstanding results.”

“I have used many terminal emulator programs (SmartcomII, Relay PC Gold, ProComm Plus) but none can compare to HyperAccess (sic). It’s a superior product.Congratulations.”