This sample script connects to a voice modem and uses AT commands to dial a number and play back a series of recorded messages. The script will expect the recipient to dial 1 for yes or 2 for no, and also handles other occurrences such as errors in dialing, no answer, etc.

The voice modems that were used in testing this script defaulted to using an audio format of Unsigned 8-bit PCM at 8000 Hz. Additionally all DLE characters in the encoded audio data have to be doubled, as this is used as an escape character by the modem to escape audio playback.

The script will set the response variable to one of the following
Yes: Call recipient answered phone and pressed one for Yes
No: Call recipient answered phone and pressed two for No
Disconnected: Call recipient answered phone, but hung up without pressing 1 (may be voice mail or answering machine or hang up)
No Answer: Call recipient did not answer phone.
Busy: Busy signal or other similar error calling recipient.
No Dialtone: No dialtone message calling receipient.
Error: Unexpected response from modem.

In the sample script nothing is done with this response, however it could be logged for later use or could be used to process further instructions.

$LANG = "VBScript"
phoneNumber = "5550123"    'Replace with the full number as you would dial it
cr = Chr(13) & Chr(10)
dle = Chr(16)
can = Chr(24)
maxloops = 3      'Number of times to loop message playback

haTypeText "AT" & cr
haWaitForPrompt "OK" & cr
haTypeText "ATE0" & cr
haWaitForPrompt "OK" & cr
haTypeText "AT+FCLASS=8" & cr
haWaitForPrompt "OK" & cr
callTime = Now()    'optional timestamp, not used in sample script
haTypeText "ATDT " & phoneNumber & cr    'Dial
haAddMultiPrompt "OK" & cr
haAddMultiPrompt "BUSY" & cr
haAddMultiPrompt "NO DIALTONE" & cr
response = haWaitForMultiPrompt(300,100000)

if response = 0 then  'if OK in response to dial
  'start sending audio
  haTypeText "AT+VTX" & cr
  haWaitForString "CONNECT"
  do      'loop confirmation message until confirmed or max loops
    if choice = "" then
      estimatedLength = 10000
      haTextSend "C:\mainmessage.raw"
      count = count + 1
    end if
    choice = ""
    choicemade = false
    thenTime = now()
    choice = haGetInput (0, 2, estimatedLength, 1000)
    while choice = dle & "u"
      choice = ""
      choice = haGetInput (0, 2, estimatedLength - (DateDiff("s",thenTime,now())*1000), 1000)
    if choice = dle & "1" then 'Press 1 for Yes
      choicemade = true
      response = "Yes"
    elseif choice = dle & "2" then 'Press 2 for No
      choicemade = true
      response = "No"
    elseif choice = dle & "d" or choice = dle & "b" then
      choicemade = true
      response = "Disconnected"
    end if
  loop while choicemade = false and count < maxloops
  if choicemade = false then
    'no answer
    response = "No Answer"
  end if
  haWait 250
  if response = "Yes" then
  elseif response = "No" then
  end if
  haTypeText dle & "!"
  haWaitForPrompt "OK" & cr
  haTypeText "ATH" & cr
  haWaitForPrompt "OK" & cr
elseif response = 1 then      'if busy in response to dial
  response = "Busy"
elseif response = 2 then      'if busy in response to dial
  response = "No Dialtone"
else             'if other resoponse or no response from modem
  response = "Error"
end if
  'additional code to log or otherwise handle response goes here


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