$LANG = "VBScript"

cr = Chr(13)
lf = Chr(10)

haAbortOnError 0

while haGetConnectionStatus = 1
if haWaitForString(cr & lf) = 0 then
haSetCursorPosition haGetCursorRow -1, 8
haTypeLocalText 0, now() & cr & lf
end if


To execute this sample save the above code as a text file. In HyperACCESS click Automation->Run, and select the text file. This script could also be set to run automatically by clicking Properties->File Usage.

the haSetCursorPosition line moves the cursor 1 row up and 8 columns over before adding the timestamp. Replace the 8 depending on the width of your data, or remove that line to keep the timestamp on a seperate line.

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