HyperACCESS Sample Scripts

Below is a collection of HyperACCESS sample scripts which demonstrate some of the capabilities of HyperACCESS’ scripting features and show how to use the API in a variety of languages including Visual Basic, VBScript/VBA, Javascript, PHP, ASP, C++, C# to automate your terminal connections.

The API Manual contains a description of each of the API functions.

We also have professional scripting services available at a rate of $99.99 per hour if you would be interested in having Hilgraeve develop a custom script for you. Please contact us at support@hilgraeve.com if you would like more information or to get an estimate for a scripting project.

Script TitleDescriptionLanguageCode
VBScript in HAExample of VBScript running within HyperACCESSVBScriptview code
Javascript in HAExample of JavaScript running within HyperACCESSJavaScriptview code
Clean vbSimple example to run HyperACCESS Script in Visual BasicVisual Basicview code
Clean vbsSimple example to run HyperACCESS Script in VBScriptVBScriptview code
Excel AutoimportThis sample parses data received by HyperACCESS and enters it into an Excel spreadsheetVBAview code
Access AutoimportThis sample parses data received by HyperACCESS and enters it into a Microsoft Access databaseVBAview code
Clean C#Simple example to run HyperACCESS Script in C#C#view code
C# GUIC# GUI example to send commands from HyperACCESSC#download code
C++ GUIC++ GUI example to send commands from HyperACCESSC++download code
Clean PHPPHP example to connect, run a command, and display the result in a web page.PHPview code
LoginThis sample opens a connection, logs into a system, and sends commands.VBScriptview code
File TransferThis sample opens a connection, sends a file, and receives a file.VBScriptview code
Capture TextThis sample enters a command and captures the response to the command to a text file.VBScriptview code
Custom Baud RateThis sample shows how to set a specific baud rate if the needed speed is not available in the dropdown.VBScriptview code
TimestampThis sample appends a date/time stamp to each value received from a system.VBScriptview code
Simple host in haThis sample runs HyperACCESS as a simple host from within HyperACCESSVBScriptview code
Simple host vbsThis sample runs HyperACCESS as a simple host from an external scriptVBScriptview code
Parse responseThis sample will capture the response to a command to a variable.VBScriptview code
Existing instanceThis sample attaches to an existing instance of HyperACCESS rather than creating a new instance.VBScriptview code
Multiple instancesThis sample controls multiple instances of HyperACCESS.VBScriptview code
Auto-updating Web PageThis sample captures incoming data to a file, which is then loaded into a dynamically updating web page using HTML5 server-sent events.HTML5, PHP, VBScriptview code
Simple RelayThis sample captures incoming data from one connection and relays it to a seperate second connection.VBScriptview code
Two-Way RelayThis sample connects to two seperate connections, and relays data between both of them.Visual Basicview code
Voice callerThis sample connects to a voice modem, dials a specific number, plays back recorded audio, and checks for a dialed response.Visual Basicview code