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“Terminal communications, whether through Internet telnet connections or plain old telephone lines, has never been done better than by Hilgraeve’s HyperACCESS for Windows 95 and NT. Elegant, clear menus and tight integration with Windows and the Internet make it our Editor’s Choice among the terminal programs we looked at.”

“For the number of protocols, similarity with Windows HyperTerminal and its ability to customize, HyperACCESS offers one of the best terminal solutions available today.”
Mobile Computing and Communications

“This is the industrial-strength edition of the little modem program called HyperTerminal built into the Windows 95 and NT operating systems by Microsoft Corp., and even if you don’t do much heavy lifting with your modem, this one can be a grand time saver.”
James Coates, Chicago Tribune

“An upgrade to the HyperTerminal Applet included with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, HyperACCESS’ flexibility as an all-purpose asynchronous communications emulator makes it a must.”

“HyperAccess goes out of its way to make things easy for you. The status indicators that appear when dialing or downloading are great, and I love the floating modem status bar. Sounds can be associated with any actions, such as a harp arpeggio with a successful connection.”
Computer Currents

“Hilgraeve’s long-awaited HyperAccess for Windows doesn’t try to be anything more than a terminal program, but it’s the best terminal program you can buy.”

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HyperACCESS for Windows 95 and NT review